Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What the heck?

Mom came home with this today and plugged it into the outlet in our foyer. She said it will help me be calmer and not to be so afraid of going into the living room. I sure am curious about the smell of this thing. Mom says she can't smell anything but being the superior huntress I am, it's very delightful. So far I haven't worked up the courage to go into the room with the monster in it.

Mom put these colorful shiney things on the monster and now it's even more scarier than before! I can't imagine what else she can put on it to make it any scarier, can you?


  1. She will put toys on it and then you will want to attack it!

  2. Is that Feliway? I hope it helps!

  3. Is that the Feliway plug in? I am thinking of buying one of those to help Sammy chill out and not attach her tail. And then I might have to try some Rescue Remedy.

    I hope the monster is less and less frightening for our little Laila!


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