Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm such a huge scaredy cat!!!

Here is the huge box that has our Christmas tree in it. Mom brought it out of hiding yesterday and I was very curious as to what was inside. Well, she started taking out these huge noisy branches and it about scared the pants (if I wore them!) off me! I was so terrified I wouldn't come out in the living room and haven't since then. One time I forgot and did come out, took one look at it and ran for the bedroom! Then Mom put a new Christmas rug in the kitchen and I'm terrified of that too and won't go in there where the food is so Mom was getting worried I would waste away to nothing, so she put the rug away. She doesn't know what to do. Should she put the tree away and not decorate it this year or wait and see if I get use to it and eventually come out and explore. I know it takes me a bit to get use to things and she's been very patient and understanding with me since she adopted me since I'm such a whimp.

This is where Mom moved my cat tree to make room for that scary ol' tree. I really like having it in the bedroom. I can still lay on it and look out a window and it's nice and close to the heat register so I stay nice and warm. Last night I even crawled under the covers to sleep next to Mom to help keep her warm. This was the first time I ever did that and Mom was so surprised! Maybe I'll do it more often as she really seemed to like it.


  1. We had a cat who was afraid of the Christmas tree. She got over it a bit when it just stood there in the corner.

  2. Poor Laila! Your cousins LOVE decorating day! All that fun tissue paper to lay on and garland and brances to chew on! Its their second favorite day -- after Christmas morning of course!

  3. Hey Laila, did you explore the Christmastree yet ? Or are you still afraid to go into the room ?

  4. Try putting the girls scent around and on objects. Rub them with towels and wash cloths and hang them on the tree for a few days, same with the rug. Smelling their own scents might make the tree less fearsome.


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