Sunday, November 4, 2007

007 kitty

Here I am spying on Mom in the bathroom. Hehehe!

Mom was out most of the day with her sister and every once in a while she'd stop the car and point to Halloween decorations still up or trees with their leaves still on and turn on that radio station that is playing the Christmas music and they would laugh until they had tears in their eyes. These humans are a bit strange at times! Mom says we have a 6 1/2 foot Christmas tree that she isn't sure she's going to put up this year because of me. But what she thinks she'll do is put it up with nothing on it and let it stand for a few days and see if it stays upright. Very funny Mom!


  1. You are a good spy, Laila! My first Christmas I was very BAD around the tree. I tried to play with all of the toys hanging from branches, and some were very breakable. So I got SQUIRTED with a little spray of water whenever I done something bad. Now I am three years old and I know to leave the tree alone. Most of the time. Sometimes I still sneak under the tree and play with the presents and stuff.

  2. I see you spying! Sometimes the woman opens the shower and I get wet when I do that though.

  3. We are going to have the same problem here with Tyco. He has already been re-arranging my artificial fall flowers! We will start next week in some red & green decortating. Went out and replaced all our mini lights to LED's. I even bought LED snowflakes. The only place we will have mini lights are on our pre-lite trees that go on either side of our fireplace. Unbreakable ornaments are a BIG must this year!!! Auntie Holly

  4. Excellent surveillance techniques ... Lucky Charmz has tried to do that, but only succeeded in getting furry wet an' bubbly.

  5. Laila, what the perfect spying spot. My mom's not putting up a tree because of me and my kitten brother Jake. I think it would be so much fun to explore a tall tree like your mom has. That would be a terrific present. Sophie says 'hi'! Thanks for the kind words of strength regarding the surgery. You were right. It was nothing for my mom or me to worry about. I want to play thundering herd of elephants with Jake, but mom tries to stop me. Silly mom, doesn't she know that I'll be just fine? I hope you are feeling like your before surgery self. They didn't take away your naughty streak, did they?


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