Monday, November 26, 2007

Mom is at wits end with me

Mom is mad at me because I freak out big time when she tries to take me into the room with the monster tree in it. This morning she even took it all apart and just left the top standing but I'm still afraid. I'm hoping she'll just give in and put it away for me. She thinks maybe once the light get put on it I'll like it and not be so afraid. She's never heard of a cat doing this. And to think she went out and bought a special spray water bottle to squirt me to keep me out of it. Teeheehee!


  1. You'll need to get used to it on your own. That's what the cat we had wo was afraid of it did. The more it was ignored the more it was okay.

  2. I think if you just give it time, you will get used to it. When I was a baby, I could not wait to climb in, around, and under the tree. I think your mom should not try to take you into that room. You should just be allowed to look at it, and slowly approach it when you are ready. You can do it!

  3. I pulled 4 balls off the tree today.
    I'm thinking about going for number 5 (right after my nap).

  4. Ah Laila, us rescue kitties sure do have our terrors, don't we. I don't know if I told you, but Sophie doesn't like to be petted. Every time she sees mom's hand coming down for a rub, she acts like she's expecting to be hit. It breaks mom's heart to think of what happened to her before she came to us. She was only around 8 weeks old when she showed up at my mom's school where she is a first grade teacher.

    Could there be smells of your cat that went to the bridge on your Christmas things? Maybe she's afraid there's another cat in the home. My mom loves the product Feliway Comfort Zone for cats. It just helps with overall anxiety with our very sensitive kitty, Cookie. Mom likes the one that plugs into an outlet the best. We have three going at all times in our small two bedroom condo. Without them Cookie is a snarling mean girl. With them she lets the small things sail on by.

    We sure do hope you find the solution to her fears. Christmas is suppose to be fun.

  5. This is very funny that you are afraid of the tree. I would have never guessed!


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