Thursday, November 8, 2007

Monster kitty

Great close up Mom!

Poor Mom! She has a cold. I sure hope she doesn't pass her nasty germs to me! Worse, I hope our service here doesn't suffer because of it. I'm still too young to fend for myself. She has these nasty smelling tissues for her runny nose. I think she bought them on purpose so I would leave them alone and not eat them.


  1. Great space cat. Having been Borg, I am leary of dressing up as any sort of space person.

  2. Oh dear, this is rather embarrassing--I commented the wrong comment on the wrong blog... Well I MEANT to make a non sequiter comment on your BLOG!!! Yes, I just wanted you to be totally confused....

    I can assure you, your service will suffer. Humans are whimps. As she's probably helping you read, she's probably particularly confused by my prior comment! Yes, that was my intention!!!!

  3. I hope your mom feels better soon!


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