Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lilly doesn't smell like herself

Hmmmm...something isn't right with Lilly.

Are you sure you brought back the right cat from the V-E-T?

Guess I have to believe Mom when she assures me this is my sister.

Mom: Lilly went to the vet for blood work to check her bun and creatnine levels. We won't know the results until Monday, but Dr. Jen said she was sure they were okay as she looked great and had gained another 2 pounds. She's now up to 13 pounds from the 9 she got down to a year ago from her top weight of 15.


  1. Laila, you are smart to check Lilly out very carefully in case the wrong cat came home from the vet. I am very happy that Lilly is doing so well!

  2. she knew where the food bowl is so she must be the right cat

  3. I am glad to hear that Lilly is doing so well.

    I am sure she is the same cat. Vet smells make cats smell funny.

  4. Hey guess what? I got a sister!


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