Sunday, November 18, 2007

I think I look like a clown!

Why Momma would torture me like this I'll never know. What did I do wrong?

Maybe it's a kitty choker?

I must admit I do look rather cute in it.

After Mom put this silly thing on me I ran all around trying to figure out how to get this thing off my neck. And the little ringing bells were scaring and driving me crazy. However, I must admit after about five minutes I just gave in and ignored it and rather liked it. I must have looked darling as Mom followed me all over with that flashy box taking pictures.


  1. Laila, I think you look very beautiful! That last photo looks like a Glamour Shot!

  2. I think that you look like a very pretty clown!

  3. I hate it when humans get ideas like that. You do look nice, but why can't we just look nice in our fur?

  4. I showed Sammy your pictures and she threatened to pee on my pillow if I did something like that to her. LOL You do look adorable there Laila!


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