Thursday, November 29, 2007

The monster is getting even scarier!

I accidentally ran into the dining room and out of the corner of my eye I saw the monster in the living room ablaze with lights! What is Mom doing? Can she please stop making the monster more scarier? How does she expect me to work up the courage to even look at or go into the living room? I miss my recliner! boohoohoo!


  1. Go smell the feliway plugin. Maybe she should spray feliway on the tree so you like that?!

  2. Laila, notice how the big monster tree has been there for several days now and it has not attacked you? I think this is proof that it is SAFE!

  3. It is okay, the big monster tree will not do anything mean to you. No need to be scairt!

  4. Laila, I can sympathize. Two years ago, we had one of those in our house and it was very askeery. But then EG and Titus didn't seem to mind it. In fact, EG started climbing in it. It looked like fun, so I climbed in it a little, too. It wasn't so scary. But we sort of got in a little trouble for it. Maybe there's a happy medium some where for you.

    Momma got the Feliway spray for us and sprayed our PTU's real good before we went to the V-E-T last week. And it pretty much knocked me out. That stuff works! Go take a good whiff of it - you'll feel better about the monster, I promise. Hang in there, girl.


  5. We do not have a monster here at our house. Thank God!

  6. The Feliway takes a bit of time before it works really well. I should have told you that you can find them a lot cheaper on the Internet. There is a seller on Amazon that sells the refills for 13 dollars plus shipping.

    Poor Laila, I really hope you get over this fear soon. That tree is so beautiful.


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