Monday, November 5, 2007

Rare moment

Here I am on Lilly's shelf. Mom was very surprised Lilly let me on and even more surprised that she let me stay awhile!

I go to the V-E-T today to get my stitches out. I can't wait! Mom said she might cut this awful tube sock off me before I go so I don't look so scruffy. I will be very busy the rest of the day bathing my naked belly.


  1. YEAH! You are getting your stitches out. That is furry good.

  2. It is nice of Lilly to share with you, Laila. I'll bet you will be so happy to get the stitches out and the tube sock off!

  3. It will be great to get those stitches out. It is also great that Lilly shared with you. We are not good at sharing with each other.

  4. I have no life when I'm sitting here wondering how a kitty is doing getting her stitches out today when I've never met her or her mom....but I do so love reading about little Laila and her family :)


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