Friday, November 23, 2007

My first snow!

Well, it doesn't show up here but there were lots of little snow flurries speeding by the window yesterday morning, something I'd never seen before! They were so cool! I had a lot of fun watching them and batting at them as they flew by. Mom said the Corn Cats sent them to us and that we were suppose to get one to three inches of the floofy stuff, but as happens a lot here in Chicago, the weathermen lied!

We want to thank everycat for their Thanksgiving wishes and we hope you all had a great day. Mom didn't bring leftovers home but she promised to tonight when she goes to our cousins for another turkey dinner.


  1. I bet it was fun to watch the snow. I think I like it better when it's warm though!

  2. Looking out the window is a very fun hobby. I hope you get some turkey tonight!

  3. Yeah, we got your share of the snow the other day.
    We were supposed to get flurries and ended up with 4-5 inches.
    The weather guy on TV said they missed the storm track by "only 50 miles" and it was still a "pretty good forecast".


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