Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Note from Mom

Yes, that's a Feliway plug in. To the left is a night light I use. Should have removed it for the picture. I got it at Petsmart yesterday. You have to ask for them at the cashier's as they keep them locked up. They aren't cheap ($41.31 total) but if they work, they're worth every dollar. The refill lasts 4 weeks. I hope to remove it once Laila gets up the courage to enter the living room and at least be able to deal with the "monster" being in there. Or maybe I'll leave it. Next time I'll keep her in the bedroom with the door closed. I did this when I had my sliders replaced last summer and she wasn't traumatised by the noise.


  1. Mom was gonna get one of those things when we were all fighting. She took one look at the price and decided we better get along without it.


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