Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet Bebe

Got an email from a gal I know who fosters for The Buddy Foundation.

"Last night Tommy and I were out shopping. As we walked towards Bed, Bath & Beyond, we heard meowing. Turns out there was a 6-8 week old kitten hiding in a drain pipe. After unsuccessfully trying to coax it out for awhile, I ran to a nearby pet store to buy some canned food, but it was closed. Tommy walked to a nearby restaurant where they gave him a bit of tuna which he was able to use to coax the kitten out of the pipe. She's a real cutie. I'm calling her Bebe. We'll get her to the vet in the next couple of days and foster her until she gets adopted."

When I asked which BB&B:

"Across from Deer Park at Rand and Long Grove Rds. When we went into BB&B they said that the police had been there Friday and Saturday trying to get him out, but couldn't. Tommy was going to try to take the pipe off the building, but didn't have a screw driver and BB&B said they didn't have one, which we both found very hard to believe. One woman behind the Customer Service Counter said we should just leave it be because it had chosen to live there. That really made me angry. She had no clue. It's like leaving a baby out in the cold. Plus we would have to worry about other predators. So when Tommy finally got a hold of the kitten, I had him walk into the store and show the kitten to the girls that had tried to help us and also this idiot lady.

Anyway, I'm waiting for Mary to call me so I can get approval to make Bebe an official foster of Buddy so we can take her to the vet and get her checked out. We already checked for fleas and ear mites and she looks good other than a bit of dirt in her ears. I would guess she'll need deworming and I need her checked for Fe-luk and FIV to make sure she doesn't give our other fosters anything.

I made a flyer and Tommy took them up to BB&B to hang there and at some of the neighboring stores to see if anyone might be interested in adopting her. A lot of people had heard her meowing. He's also going to check around just a bit to see if there are any others nearby. We didn't hear or see any last night, but Mom may have moved them.
Kudos to Debbi and Tommy for going above and beyond!


  1. Bebe is very, very cute. I am glad she got rescued! That lady who said the kitten had "chosen" to live there was not very smart. Nocat would choose to be a stray with no home or source of good food and love.

  2. She is very lucky she was rescued by someone so kind and caring. She is a lovely cat.

  3. What a pretty little baby tortie! I'm so glad your friends were able to coax her out of that pipe and take her home. And pfffft to the idiot who said the kitten belonged there. I'd like to see her sleep in a pipe and see how SHE likes it.

  4. Aw, God bless you. I worry so about all of those unprotected kitties out there. Thank you so much for making a difference.


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