Saturday, September 1, 2007

Meet Dr. Mindy

Why did mom bring me here today?

I smell all kinds of strange smells on this table!

EEK! Someone just came into the room! I'll run and hide in my PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) and maybe they'll go away.

Dr. Mindy is a very nice lady! She held me for a while and just gushed on and on about how cute and pretty I was. She's also the second V-E-T to comment on how long I am. I wonder what that means? Maybe I'm going to be a big girl and boxer like my namesake, Laila Ali? I hope so! Right now I'm doing a purrty good job training on Lilly!

I can hear my heart beats and my purrs with this cool vetty toy. I must admit I was also vibrating a lot because I was so scareded!

The appointment went well. Laila weighed in at 5.06 pounds. Dr. M said she appears to be about 4 months old according to her teeth. That's what I figured. Dropped off a stool sample of Lilly's to see if the coccidia was in her poops since Laila had been treated and low and behold she has them too! Boohoohoo! Dr. M said it's very common lately and now that they have a better way of testing the samples, they're seeing it more and more. I have to go back today to get the meds for both of them and will be scooping hourly to keep the boxes fresh. Laila got her rabies shot so today she's not her usual "Energizer Bunny" self!


  1. Hi Laila! Dr. Mindy does seem very nice, and she let you play with her cool heart-toy. Do not worry, I get scairt when I go to the vet, too. I am sorry that you got a bad shot. Those are a little bit hurty.

  2. laila, look like it wasn't that bad after all

  3. Hi Lilly and Laila! I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. You can post it on your sidebar if you want. You rock!

  4. Hi Laila and Lily. Daisy recommended you, so I came over. I am glad that the vet visit went well, except for the coccidia. I hope the medicine clears that up quickly. I will be back.

  5. dr mindy looks like a nice v-e-t. i'm glad she found the icky thing so that you don't have to be sick. medicine is not fun to take, but it's fun to be well!


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