Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Canoli kitty

Now what is she doing?

I guess I'll humor her and let her have her fun.

Enough already!

One thing I've learned in my short life here on earth is to be cooperative and let mom do what she wants and soon it will be over then I get lots of lovin' and treats for being such a good girl. I know she would never do anything to hurt me either in these little games she plays with me but if it brings a smile or laugh it's all worth it!


  1. Lovely cat blog! I may not be single for much longer, but I'll always be a "Cat Lady" myself! *grin*

  2. Canoli Kitty looks like a fun game to play. Especially if you get lots of Temptations as your reward for playing the game.

  3. My Lady says that you are so cute, she could eat you. But she won't.


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