Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's a "kitten thing" what can I say?

Getting ready for the "hunt".

Okay, I take one piece of my dry food out of the bowl, drop it and bat it around trying to catch it like I would a real mousie in the outside world.

My favorite part of the game is when I get it underneath the bowl holder and create quite the challenge for me. Us kittens need to keep our hunting skills sharp, right?


  1. That is a really fancy and nice set-up for your food you have there. I think every game is, at heart, a hunting game!

  2. Not just kittens, cats too. Keep up the good work. FAZ

  3. I like to put things under the couch and then try and dig them out! This is such a fun game.

  4. OH OH OH!!!! I do that too!!!! Momma is laughing because you do it as well!

  5. I like your food bowl is setting so well, that is impressive to me~!! Well done~!

    And great job~!


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