Friday, August 31, 2007


Laila really has the hang of this toy.

You can really get an idea how big she's grown in this picture.

Well, we have a 4:30 appointment with Dr. Mindy today, rescheduled from last Friday's day after the storm outages. Hopefully I'll remember the camera to capture the fun. Hahaha!


  1. Those are FUN! I have one too. Ok, well we have one. I love it most though. heheh
    your bud Pepi

  2. Trackball is a very fun sport! Good luck at the V-E-T, Laila. My Mommie tries to take pictures when I am there, too.

    Have a happy holiday weekend!

  3. Hey, I'm back from vacation! Sorry I missed so many posts. I never thought about pictures at the vet's. Where it takes 2 humans to handle some of my furkids, I might need a third party photographer there. John

  4. looking forward to seeing pictures from the v-e-t!

  5. i've been looking around your've done a nice job!

    i saw a picture of a gorgeous kitty looks she went to the bridge a week after my baby went.

    i miss her so very much. there's another kitten here, but it's not the same. i can cry so easily over the loss.

    in the body of my little cat (16 years old, 4 pounds when she crossed the bridge), there was so much wisdom. she taught me more about abiding love than any other relationship i've ever had. i also had my own little piece of heaven. i used to say she was 'my piece of heaven in a kitty suit.'

    you've got a friend here...


  6. I have that toy! It is one of my favorites! Mom has to keep it in the closet, or I wear myself out!


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