Wednesday, September 12, 2007

R.I.P. sweet little Herman

My good friend John posted on one of the cat message boards we frequent the loss of this little guy.
From John: "I lost little Herman last night. He'd been playing and eating so much yesterday, but last night he started going downhill rapidly. I called the emergency vet, but they never called back. Herman was in my arms looking up at me and I was whispering how much I loved him when he slipped away. Been a pretty rough time here. John "
We will be lighting a candle for little Herman tonight to help light his way over the Bridge. Hugs and purrs to you, John, and the rest of your furries who will be missing him too.


  1. Oh, poor little guy.

    Your link for "John" doesn't seem to be working.

  2. GRRRR! I don't know why the link won't work. If you click on the link "John's Girls" in my list of blogger furriends, you can link to it there. Sorry. Don't know what I did wrong. Everything looks okay.

  3. Peggy, about the link: when I look at the "properties" of it, there is a 'slash' behind the .htm at the end of the link. But on the 'real' page there isn't a slash, just the .htm on the end, so I think that's where it went wrong.

    It's so sad what happened to little Herman.

    On John's page there's a link to Poof's page where he says some beautiful thoughts about loosing one's pet. I never saw that page before. John when you're reading this, it's beautiful !!!

  4. Oh please please know we are so very heart broken to hear this news. Our hearts and our tears for Herman and John too. rest well Herman Friend... we send our love.

    Purrs and Scritches too

  5. Katja, you are brilliant! The copy of the instructions I have to do this shows a "/" there and have always done that, but for some reason on this one it shouldn't be there. I'll remember this in the future. There's so much to learn in the blogging world for a computer-challenged girl!


  6. So sorry about little Herman, he looks like he was a real cutie.

  7. I've posted on a number of sites about Herman and every time I do, I tear up and my throat tightens all over again. Thanks for making it a little easier Peggy. Thank you Katja for checking Poof's page, and thanks to everyone for the sweet words. John


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