Thursday, September 13, 2007

Printer problems

How good are you at diagnosing computer-related problems??

What would be the first thing you might think if a User called and told you they were having problems with their printer?

Issue: Whenever I print, the paper comes out wrinkled, crumpled and even shredded! Sometimes the ink is wet and smeared.

Now, make your diagnosis then click on the video.

And, no, this is not Lilly. heeheehee!


  1. I've been using the printer at work. Who'd have guessed they'd make such a great cat toy? You don't even need ink!

  2. Though I do have exactly the same printer as on the movie, I wouldn't know what causes this shredding problem :) I never had any problems of this kind with it...unfortunately :)

  3. That is a really funny video. I don't go that far when the printer is going, but I do get up from whatever I am doing and investigate.

  4. What a great office helper that cat is!


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