Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Yawn! This is how Lilly and I plan to spend our Labor Day holiday. Oh, wait, this is how we spend all of our days! heeheehee! Here is a favorite spot of Lilly's I've taken over. heeheehee! Mom keeps all the all-pink Maries on this rocking chair.

I'm a huge fan of Marie from the Aristocats movie and have quite a large collection of Marie stuffed animals. I've had to stop the collection as I've completely run out of room for them! Found most of them on ebay and we have a Disney store too closeby! Everyone who sees my bedroom says it looks like a little girl's room. OOPS! Someday I'll grow up. NOT!


  1. That looks like a great napping spot! I think those pink toys are cute. Happy Labor Day to you, too.

  2. there's no requirement that anyone grow up...ever! if you like marie in pink, then marie in pink you shall have!

    ben fuzz
    lucy fur

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  4. K trying this again.

    Laila give Lilly her spot back! Maybe the Maries should move and the girls can have kitty bunkbeds!

    Dont worry about your Marie collection. I have a a collection of Stitch(es). Whats the plural of the little fuzzy blue alien?

    Anyway blogger wont let me put in a picture. So heres a link

    Stitch Stitch everywhere!

  5. So many Maries!! I like Marie from the Aristocats movie too. That looks like a purrfect napping spot.


    PS. Nice to meet you both, Lilly and Laila!


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