Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trying it on for size

My little kitten head is still too small for this pumpkin hat. I'm sure mom will bug the heck out of me as I grow to see when it finally will fit. I'm really getting nervous. I heard her say this is the last picture she has of me. That only means one thing. The blinding flashy box will come out and I'll have to humor her. What a kitten must do to keep her momma happy and amused!


  1. Yes, Momma has been saying she needs more photos...

  2. Laila, do not worry, I got a small head, too. Be sure you get paid at least FIVE Temptations per photo shoot. It is in the Union contract.

  3. That is such a funny looking hat. I think my head would be too small for it too.


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