Friday, September 14, 2007

My first taste of the Nip

Hmmmm...what's this?

Yummy! Tastes pretty good!

I was a good girl and ate all the nip. Now what? Momma says I'm still too young to understand what it's all about. But it sure was tasty and I hope she gives me some more again soon.


  1. Hooray! Laila likes the 'nip! I have never seen a pink bag 'o catnip before, it is perfect for you.

  2. Oh! A pink 'nip bag. Would you mind if I came over today and played for a while?

    Your friend

    P.S. My Mom can tell me how to find your house 'cause she's from Chicago!

  3. You look like you are enjoying that nip! Alas, I am not affected by it.

  4. Laila likes the nip! You have many years of nippin' to look forward to!


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