Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday guest

Today we'd like to showcase a very good and close furriend of ours from the Netherlands, Fafnir, (A/K/A Faffie). We have known Faffie, his sister, Snuitje, and his mom, Katja, for many years and met on a cat website cybermeow . Their mom sent me an email the other day with the following pictures and message:

This is the only way Faffie is interested in the turbo scratcher, and Snuitje didn't even give it another look once I put it on the floor.... :((( and then I keep seeing all those pictures and videos of cats going crazy about this toy, even your Laila !!! I bet even Lilly gives this thing more attention than my two 'dumbos' !!!
Well, anyway.....I just needed to ventilate my frustration about this :)
Best wishes ! and cuddles for Lilly and Laila
Katja, Snuitje and Faffie


  1. I guess some toys are good for playing with, and some toys are good for sitting on! I have not had my trackball toy our for a while now. I am going to ask my Mommie to bring it out again! Thanks for showing us a picture of Faffie. He is a good looking cat!

  2. I have read of cats who ignore the ball in the trackball for a while, then get interested in it later. Maybe these two will play with it later on. They are a pair of very good-looking cats.

  3. Well, I hope they will discover the ball after all, but I doubt it. I think it must be their age: Faffie (on both pictures) is almost 14 years old and Snuitje is 16.
    Faffie likes the toy though, he's sitting like on the second picture almost every day since I bought the toy two months ago. Luckily not the whole day, but for a few minutes :)

  4. Such lovely cats! However, they don't know what's good for them. I love that trackball toy! But I am still a youngster.

  5. Not every toy will be interested by every cats. But at least we could try our best~!
    I think you are doing good job to treat your guest~!


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