Thursday, July 12, 2007

Roomba update

Forgot to mention he showed up again yesterday morning. He was there to greet me at the side of the building by the parking lot. He's very spooked and not acting like himself. Keeps sniffing all around. I'm sure his mom, who has forgotten him, and the kittens are the ones who chased him away. It's so cute how he feels so comfortable with us now. This morning he was only six inches from me. All I had to do was bend down and I could have scritched his ears. But didn't want to scare him. Don't know if he'll ever be ready for that, even though he'd been our "pet" for the past eight months.


  1. Oh, blessed be his little self! What a little nut!

  2. Poor little guy! I guess so long as he knows he can get food there, he'll probably be around. I sure worry about him! John


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