Friday, July 13, 2007

I now truly believe cats can read your mind!

About 20 minutes after I wrote my last post about being so frustrated with Laila, I was having all kind of thoughts running through my head. Mainly giving her back to Buddy. But then I decided I'd try totally ignoring her and see how it goes. Well, she came into the living room where I was on the computer. About two minutes later she was rubbing up against my legs! She's never done that!!! Then she was sitting there mewing at me and doing the "happy tail" so I put my hand down a few times to see what would happen. She sniffed and let me pet her! That's never happended before! Then...she let me pick her up! Was able to get the "boogers" out and had some lovin'/bonding time. Maybe there's hope for us yet!


  1. LOL I told you! Kid Notorious is one of those who really doesn't care to be bothered, but every once in a while she'll walk into the room with a toy in her mouth and drop it right in front of me. Now I know she loves me, but just doesn't like to be "handled". John

  2. Hang in there Peggy,

    Don't forget it's only been a week - and it sounds like you are on the road to making good progress. I'm sure you (and Lilly) will have some good bonding time with Laila this weekend :)

    Mimi & Spooky


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