Thursday, July 12, 2007

We have all survived Day 6

Laila totally enjoying and trying out everything in our "kitty amusement park."

Soon she won't be able to fit under here.

Lilly can't help but be a bit curious. This poor little 16 year old "senior" is holding up well. Just waiting for the mom instincts to kick in. So far she's "talking" to her a lot.

Laila has adjusted very well to her new environment. My only regret is that she still is skittish toward me. I'm just being patient letting her approach on her own. However, when she is "still" and resting I can then go over to her, pet her, which she is crazy about, and then pick her up and hold and bond with her. Just going to take some time.


  1. Oh Laila is so fluffy beautiful. She will come around soon. Even these kittens who have been here since birth are skittish, but finally warming up. Good Excellent Day to you and your sweet Kitty Cats.

    Purrs and Love

  2. Yes, she'll get used to you. They're sometimes reluctant to get too close. It breaks down their disciplinary hold over us.


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