Monday, July 30, 2007

This is why I'm home today and Lilly and Laila are in the bedroom!

Picture 3. The wood was rotten, so they had to remove it and put new 2x4's in. Then they have to remove all the drywall around the frame so that the new door will fit. I'm totally stressed! The place is filthy! Just checked on Lilly and Laila. They seem to be fine. Staying cool, clean and relatively stress-free in the bedroom. That's all that matters!!!

Picture 1

Picture 2
Our complex in the process of a balcony repair project and in order to replace the wood above and below my sliders, the slider must come out. I'm taking advantage of this by having new slider installed. I've been wanting to do this for years as you can see by the first picture. The place is getting filthy from the electric saw removing the rotted wood. YUCK! I'm sure they girls are being traumatized by all the noise, but hopefully they'll be okay. I just heard the guys say the sawing was the worst part of the job. Hopefully it will go a lot quietly now too. EEK! I want to go hide with the girls too!


  1. Oooh look! Free air conditioning! LOL. Bailey would have to be locked away. Her new favorite hobby is following people out thrugh the mudroom to the garage

  2. Hope eveything went well, or are they still busy doing this ?

  3. Wouldn't it be neat if the balcony was screened in so your furkids could use it!!!!=^Y^=


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