Monday, July 2, 2007

I have an appointment!

Saw a beautiful long haired, gray and white 6 week old little girl at Petco that the Buddy Foundation is fostering. She's extremely shy and the foster mom is working with her. I'm going Friday night to visit. Keep your fingers and paws crossed that this might be the one. Don't want to rush it as I want what's best for this little girl. In fact, one of the foster moms I know that was at the adoption show was going to call me to tell me about her before I even saw her. I couldn't stop thinking about her all weekend.


  1. Ooooh Peggy, that's so exciting !!!
    I hope that she comes to stay with you :)

  2. We'll see! Sue wants to work with her some more, but we're going to see how she reacts to me and maybe she'll be going home with me Friday night. I'm in no hurry! She sort of looks like a long haired version of Itchy. David would like that.

  3. Be careful Peggy. Don't look directly into their eyes. That's how they get you! John


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