Sunday, July 15, 2007

What a turnaround!

Laila loves going to the top. She'll even watch tv from up there.
Finally this little girl has discovered the wonderfulness of a human! If I'm sitting at the computer or at the vanity, she'll come up and I can pet her and pick her up with no problem. She love to be scritched on her head and butt and all the way down her body and up to her furry tail. She even lets me pick her up (and wants me to) and hold her. She still runs from me when I'm up and about, but I can tell it's not so much out of fear now.

Part of the morning routine here is after I get their food tray all situated, Lilly gets her treats. To keep Laila from trying to steal Lilly's, I thought I'd give her just one to see what she would do this morning. As I bent down to place it in front of her, her little paw came up and swatted the treat right out of my hand and devoured it! Too funny!!!
Life is good.


  1. I'm so happy for you that Laila is getting to like being petted and held. That must feel so good !!!

  2. She figures you're well enough trained now. She can ease up on you a bit. John


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