Saturday, July 21, 2007

Laila loves her colorful feather toy

Lilly is a huge fan of feathers too. Still lots of hissing, spitting and growling going on, but that's just the way it has to be until Lilly gets her little sister trained. They were both on the bed this morning...a first. But mom needed to do some verbal interventions and keep an eye out.


  1. For some unknown reason, the feathers on our toys seem to disappear rather quickly. While they last, those "bird appetizers" are pretty tasty.

  2. FEATHERS! The bestest toys ever! We like the ones on real live birdies but we get into trouble...

    Sending Purrs for an excellent week friends! Hugs and Love

  3. My poor Lilly. Why does Laila always look like shes trying to cram herself under the cabinets?

  4. Feathers, strings, and balls. We love 'em all! Monster


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