Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Picture taking challenge

Laila loves the cat tree. She's also very good about scratching on the sisal part. Good girl!

This cube gets moved around a lot with her jumping in and out of it.

Laila has discovered the comfortableness of the dining room chairs. Is this the making of a "couch kitty"?

It's so hard trying to take pictures of her! She's gone in a flash before the camera can even react! The hissing and growling is getting a little better from her big sister too. Last night let her have the run of the place and all went well. Today going to leave her out while I'm at work. Lilly sleeps all day so I know they'll be fine.


  1. I this vision of Laila grabbing that ball and going for a little ride!

  2. How sweet! I see ALL your new pic's with a blog gadget...I love that sweet little face!!

  3. My kitties are basically couch kitties too. They spend almost as much time on the computer as I do. John


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