Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Laila action shot

I'm so frustrated! Since I still can't get Laila to trust me enough to pick her up, I just noticed filming this that she has a "booger" that needs removing. She's just too fast. I know in time (I hope!) she won't be so skittish with me, but I worry about trying to corral her to start her on her kitten shots. I've pretty much not tried to pick her up the past few days (therefore not noticing the "booger". With all the kittens I've had, I've never had this problem.

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  1. Some of my furkids are just not very affectionate, and really prefer to be left alone, but given time, any fear they have dissipates, and they learn to trust "old dad". They all do even if it sometimes takes a while. John


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