Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waiting Wednesday

Well, I have 11 days until I get to meet my new brofur, Minchie Meow!!! I can't wait! I think I'll wait here by the door for him. Oh, yeah, Mom said this isn't the door he'll be coming through, but at least it's a door I can look out. teeheehee!

Mom is going to foster mom Sue's house Friday after Sue is finished volunteering at Buddy and will drop off a check and this time she'll remember the camera. Can you believe she forgot to bring it Monday! The scrapbookaholic forgetting a camera! Mom is going to go out and buy him a couple of scratching posts to use now and take them with her Friday so that when he comes "home" he'll have something familiar and will know where to sharpen those nails.

Sue said when Mom left Monday she was telling Minchie that he just met his new forever Mom and just knew she'd be calling back to say yes. She is furry excited! I just hope I can wait that long to meet him! I'm so excited! I will be a furry busy girl showing him the ropes here and making him feel welcome.


  1. Yay Laila! Bailey is very excited about meeting her new boy-cousin too!

    Make sure to remind mom to order some new scrapbooking albums from Creative Memories!

  2. So it's decided now? Wow, congratulations, Laila. I bet a furry brother will be lots of fun!
    We can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. Laila

    This is such good news, we is furry happy that you are looking forward to your noo brofur...


  4. Oh this is so exciting. I hope you just adore each other!

  5. Oh Laila! I am so excited! I can't wait to meet Minchie Meow!!!!!

  6. Laila, we are SOOOOO excited!!!!!! He seems like a wonderful mancat and will be blessed to join such a loving home.

    Can't wait for updated photos, he looks so cute!

    purrs, Shade

  7. I cannot wait to see more photos of Minchie!

  8. JUMPIN'JUMPIN'JUMPIN'JUMPIN'with excitement over here! Auntie Peggy & cousin Laila we can't wait...this is so great! BTW, our Cherokee was adopted at age 6/7years and they said his name was Ralphie...Mommy called him both names till he realized Cherokee was his new name...he is also called KeeKee...Mommy sometimes calls Tinker, bunny butt 'cause of the way he hops...(shhh, I'm not suppose to tell that) ha ha ha=^Y^=Ty

  9. Hey Laila! I just got caught up on your posts and CONGRATULATIONS!! Minchie looks like quite the handsome and pawesome mancat and we can't wait to meet him too!

  10. I know you'll be a wonderful tour guide to your new brother!


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