Saturday, June 7, 2008

Surrogate Mom

Mom is baffled why I still like to nurse on my lambie bed once in a while. It's just a habit that's been hard to break.

Life is starting to get back to normal for us today. We know Lilly is happy to be reunited with her sisters, Cerise and Binky Baby. It's so hard for Mom because she had her for so long and was such a huge part of her life and who she is. But I'm here to pick up the pieces and know I'm a huge part of her life too.


  1. I can imagine how hard it must be for your Mommy to have let Lilly go! It's nice you are with her to take care about her and to bring some joyful moments within the sadness!

    We wish you all a calm weekend! Hugs!

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  3. Dennis can't believe Lilly is gone! Dennis is so sorry.

  4. It's good your momma has you, Laila. You are good medicine for her broken heart.

    My Cocoa used to suck on his back foot when he was younger. I've been told that could be a result of being taken from or losing his mom too soon when he was a kitten.

  5. I do that to my boys blankets on his bed. I have even been known to drool ALOT on them. The Mommy Bean laughs at me but I dont get why. ~ Shadow

    I kneed for hours on the fuzzy blanket on my littlest bean girl bed. It's soft and fuzzy and warm just like I remember when I had a kitty mom. ~ Molly

    I's don't kneed on anythings but Mommy Beans belly. The alien blurpy thing keeps kicking me off from inside her belly though. *sigh* ~ TT


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