Sunday, June 8, 2008

My favorite toy at the moment

Mom gets mad at me as I've stopped playing with cat toys. But the other day she wadded up this piece of paper and threw it and I've been chasing and playing hockey with it ever since.

Meanwhile my overflowing toy box sits there gathering dust.

For those of you who heard Chicago was having terrible storms and tornadoes yesterday, we are fine and so is Sophie. They were 60 miles south of us but if the line had been any further north, it would have affected us. Our Mom gets very scairt when tornadoes are around (which thankfully we don't see very often) as she's a tornado survivor. She used to live in Kansas City, MO and lost her house to one when she was a little girl. Here's a picture of that house. Of course it had to be torn down and rebuilt.


  1. The unconventional and not really cat toys are always the best! But I am impressed about your big box full of toys! Wow! We don't have any of those cat toys, maybe we should order some from Germany :-)

    Great to hear the tornado hasn't been in your area. I must have been horrible for your mom to lose a house to an tornado as a child.

  2. Whoa! That's a whole lotta toys! We think it's very smart to be scairt of tornados. Mom says her next house will have a basement. There really is nowhere to hide here.

  3. WOW, you have as many toys as all of us put together...well mom takes our toys that we stop playin' with & gives them to "Save the Cats...that is where she adopted Tang. Then she gets us new toys. I found a little plastic horse and walk 'round with it in my mouth....I like it! Tornadoes are very scary...glad we don't see them here.....we just get hurricanes but they can scare you too!=^Y^=Ty

  4. Wow! I'm jealous of your toy collection. I don't like to keep my toys in a box because I like to see my selection and choose which one I want to play with at the time.

    I stayed very close to mommie during the storms yesterday. I do not like storms!

  5. Yup, sometimes it's the simple toys that I want to play with too. I would be embarrased to show you our toy box, it's huge!
    Mommy knows what you mean about being askeerd about tornados (she lived in KC MO for 13 years). But how awful to lose your home!
    I bet you are being a big comfort to your Mommy now, even if you only want to play with paper balls!

  6. I like crumpled up paper toys, too! I am glad to see that I'm not the only kitty with a huge toybox full of toys.

  7. Mommy sez I'm the first cat shes ever nown that likes storr bot toys. I lerned if yoo play wif it, she will keep bringin new toys home. Geen yiss!

  8. I think made up cat toys are really the best!

  9. I bet it makes your Mommy happy to see you playing with a paper ball and acting like a kitten again 'cause she still misses Lilly. You are a very useful cat to cheer up Mom like that!

  10. We don't blame your mom. We've never been in a tornado and we're still scared of them. We're glad all of you and Sophie are safe.

    purrs and tail wags

  11. I'm on your side, Laila, and not just because I am also a cat. It's perfectly reasonable to want a little variety in your toys.

  12. Ooh, I love wadded up stuff for batting around. I keep losing them under things and that makes me sad. If I look under the cowch or the table, or the door, or the stove, mum will usually help find things for me. I like wadded up foil balls too, you should try that.


  13. Hahah my mum understands. She has bought lots of cat beds, but I like my rough cardboard box. Maybes you could donate some of them toys to the shelter?

    Anyways we think its funny that your mum has been looking for a new pussycat already. Those ones sure are cute.

    We is sure glad we don't live near any tornados. We only have earthquakes to worry about!

    Poppy and mum Q

  14. Hey can we come raid your toy box?

    and Gracie

  15. Silly Laila, we also have a lot of toys that we no longer use. The toys that we love are the wand ones. Mom bought three new types and she had 4 kitties going after two of them at the same time. Usually Cookie and I are too mature to play anymore, but when we saw those moving pieces of fluff and fabric we went wild. The two kittens weren't used to sharing and they looked sort of confused with us competing with them.

  16. Hi Laila, thankz fur stoppin by r blog! We haven't visitd u fefur so we will put u on da blogroll and come back fur visitz.

    Punkin, Smudgie and Pandi

  17. Wow you sure got lotsa toys! Mom sometimes will put some of our toys away for a while if we get bored and then it is like they are new when they come out again!


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