Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lilly crossed the Bridge

Good bye sweet sister. I'll miss you so much and will never forget you.

Lilly crossed very peacefully. Mom is a wreck but knows this was for the best. Besides a tumor, she was dealing with serious heart issues the ER didn't even tell her about. Her heart was not where it was suppose to be and it looked like there might have been a tumor there too. We are having a McDonald's M&M McFlurry in her honor tonight.


  1. I am so sad to lose such a sweet friend. Godspeed to you Lilly. You are now free of pain sickness and in good company.

    We continue to wish Laila and her mom peace and comfort. Lilly was very special and you will always have her in your heart as I will mine.

    Purrs and headbutts,

    SophieKitty and her Mommie

  2. Even though we didn't know Lilly well, we are saddened by your loss. It is never easy when a furbaby leaves for the Bridge.

    We send purrs and tail wags.

  3. Godspeed Lilly...hope they serve you a gigantic McFlurry as soon as you arrive...

  4. after we post this mommy is going to go out and get a mcdonals m n m mcflurry in Lilly's honor and let us haf some.

    We lighted a candle when mommy gotted home to help Lilly on her way. We knows that there were lots of our "ones who came befores" there to greet her and show her around. She's free from the tumors now and waiting for the time when you will all be reunited.

    Rest well Lilly. We will meet you at the Bridge.

    Sammy and Miles Meezer
    Billy Gingersnap

  5. God Bless you, Peggy, for your wonderful care of Lilly.

  6. Laila and mom, take care of each other. You are in our hearts and prayers.

  7. Oh god! so sorry for the lost of Lilly, I'll think to make something in her honor, cbecause she was a good girl


  8. :'( I don't wanna lose moar frends.

    So sad to hear this

    I'm sorry


    I want to eat of that mcflurry honor of Lilly, sure!

  9. Here's to Lilly, beautiful sweet Lilly. Over the bridge, beyond the rainbow... always remembered with love. Our hearts are with all of you. Maggy, and Zoey, and Ann.

  10. Here's to Lilly... there's gotta be McFlurries at the Bridge.
    Alla Us

  11. Go softly Sweet Lilly.

    Mom lit a candle to help light her way across the bridge.

    Purrs and hugs to Laila and Mom, take care of each other.

    Pearl, Bert and Jake

  12. We lit a candle and said a prayer this afternoon hoping to help Lilly find her way. No more pain for you sweet Lilly and we send your Mom and Laila all of our love.
    The Bridge has a new angel...

  13. Goodbye will be missed terribly, sweety. I'm going to have a M&M McFlurry in your memory tonight.


  14. goodnight, dear lilly, for a little while. we love you still, an' will see you again!

    peace and blessed memories to you, laila and mom. we knows how turrible this is for you, an' are sad that nuffin' but time will make it better.

    remember, sweethearts--you may haf lost a kitty here on earth, but you haf gained a guardian angel.

  15. We are so sad to hear about Lilly. Our purrs and prayers are with you. We are so sorry for your loss.

  16. Lots of purrs to you on your loss. Lilly will live on in your hearts.

  17. Goodbye Sweet Lilly! We will toast you with a M&M McFlurry tonight and light a candle to guide your way!

    Hugs to Mom and Laila. Our purrrrs are with you.

    Samantha, Tigger and MomChandra

  18. I'm sure there are M&M McFlurries where Lilly is.

    I'm so sorry for your loss and will keep you and Lilly in my thoughts tonight.

  19. Good-bye sweet Lilly! You are free now and at peace.

    Purrs and headbutts to Laila and her mom!
    -The McKitten-Cats
    and their mom and dad

  20. We are very sorry for your loss. You have our purrs and condolences.

  21. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

  22. Our thoughts an purrs to you about Lilly goin ofer the Bridge.

  23. Fare thee well, Lilly. Perhaps some day we will share a McFlurry with you at the bridge.

    Sending mournfull purrrsss and gentle headbutts.

  24. The Meezers sent me here. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I guess this is hitting me so much because I have a wolfie named Lilly(spelled the same way!).

    Hugs & Wags

  25. I am so sorry. We wish you the best.

    Chaiyah and Mookie

  26. I am so sorry to learn about Lilly's issue~
    I am purring and purring for you all and Lilly~!
    We will never forget her, and save her best for last :)

  27. I am so sorry that Lilly went to the Bridge. She was so sick that it was for the best, but that is little comfort right now, I know. She's probably introducing the other kitties at the Bridge to the joys of McFlurries right now.

  28. Bless you sad hearts at the loss of your precious kitty Lilly. You loved her with all you had to give and she knew that. May your memories comfort you right now and know how much we all care.
    Love Miss Peach

  29. We are so sorry that Lilly has gone to the Bridge. :( You have our deepest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and she will live on in your hearts forever.

  30. This is a sad time, losing lovely Lilly, but you made the right decision and gave her a wonderful last day, not to mention a great life with love and comfort. In time memories of her will bring a smile to you all again. Take care xx

  31. Sweet Lilly, we even don't find words for our sadness!

    However it's better for Lilly to be free of pain now. Rest in peace, little sweetheart!

    We wish you, Peggy and Laila, all the best. take some days off and spend time with each other!

    Take care!

    Chica, Pumuckl & Ana

  32. We are so saddened by your loss. We hope you find strength in this difficult time and may Lilly have a peaceful time across the bridge where we all have to go one day. Sending many comforting purrs to you all from us at the SnowForest clan.

  33. We are glad to know that sweet Lilly went to the Bridge peacefully.

    You have definitely gained a dear little guardian angel and she will watch over you always.


  34. Awww sweet Lilly I am sorry to hear that you had to go to the bridge. I know though that your mom must have known you was very tired and she would have sent you on your way with kisses.

    I am sorry your mom has a pussycat hole in her heart, but I know that soon she will be able to look at all of your lovely pictures and smile again.

    Smooches and purrs.

    Poppy and mum Q

  35. our candle was burning for Lily throughout the day yesterday to have a safe journey to the bridge!
    and it will continue to burn for hers today too!

    sending puurs and comforting hugs!
    Kashim & Othello

  36. I'll also be burning candles to wish Lilly a safe journey over the rainbow. It hurts me a lot to see another friend in the CB going away so suddenly but I think it's the best too for her to be free from more pain.

    My condolences to all.

  37. We are so sorry to lose Lilly. We hope she is sharing a McFlurry with our friends already at the Bridge. Purrs and purrayers are headed to her family.

    Alexi, Annie, Mallory, Evita, Dani, Herbie, Blu Cat Man, Mombean, and the rest of us at Krasota Castle

  38. It's so hard to lose a loved one, especially one covered in fur. Our hearts go out to Laila and Mom and we send our special hugs....we are sure that Button met Lilly as she came across the beautiful rainbow bridge to help welcome her in and show her around...

    Purrs and Snuggles
    Gracie and Mom Debra

    Don't Grieve Too Long
    Don't grieve too long for now I'm free
    I've followed the path God set for me
    I ran to Him when I heard His call
    I swished my tail and left it all.

    I could not stay another day
    To meow, to love, to romp or play
    Games left unplayed must stay that way
    I found such peace; it made my day.

    My parting has left you with a void
    Please feel it with remembered joy
    A friendship shared, your laugh, a kiss
    Oh yes, these things I too shall miss

    Be not burdened with times of sorrow
    I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow
    My lifes been full, you've given so much
    Your time, your love and gentle touch.

    Perhaps my time seemed all too brief
    Don't lengthen it now with undue grief
    Lift up your head and share with me
    God wanted me; He set me free!!

  39. They say the pain will ease someday, but that the good memories will last forever. I hope the memories of Lilly and the good times give you some comfort now. Purring for you now....

  40. sending you much love and hugs to get you through this very difficult time...xxxx

  41. We will miss Lilly very much. Purrs and prayers for all of you during this very sad time.

    Gandalf, Grayson & Mom Barb

  42. We iz all gonna miss yoo Lilly girl. Donna wurry, we will mayk shur yur sisfur and Mommie are okies wile yoo wait fur dem.



  43. (((hugs))) and purrs and headbumps.

  44. Don't worry mawmaw, lilly will be waiting for you in kitten form at the pearly gates with all her bestest friends :)

  45. We are so sorry that Lilly had to go, but you know it was the right thing for her. She is now running happy and pain free at the Bridge.
    Purrrs and (((hugs))) to you.

  46. We are so sorry for you loss.

    Ninja & Brenda

  47. We're so very sad to hear Lilly has gone to the Bridge. Laila, we're sending you our most heartfelt purrs, and my mom sends this poem to your mom in hopes it will bring her some comfort in her sadness.

    & all of us at Artsy Catsy

    The years I've worn you,
    warm on my shoulder,
    ended here ...
    surprised to find us older.

    And there was nothing
    left to do today
    but hold you close
    and help you on your way.

    Be still, my little cat.
    Be well; be free.
    I know that you're somewhere near,
    and loving me.

  48. Sending love and ((Hugs)) to you at this difficult time.
    Peace and comfort to your heart..
    ~ The Bunch

  49. Our sincerest condolences. Sending you warm purrs and gentle headbutts.

  50. Our deepest sympathies for the loss of your beloved Lilly. We are thinking of your and your family. Purrs and Prayers.

  51. Oh, how I HATE goodbyes. I'm so sorry that you had to let her cross the bridge so early. You were very brave to stay with her to the end. What a loving gesture on your part. We a praying and purring for you.

  52. i'm so sad about Lilly. I am greatful that we had time to get to know her and become friends with all of you. she will be very missed.

    you are all in our hearts and prayers during this difficult time.

  53. I just discovered your blog as couple of days ago and I'm already in tears for you and your dear Lilly and her furry siblings.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I'm going to make a special trip to McDonalds - we don't have any in my town - and order an M&M McFlurry in her honor.

  54. We are so sorry for your loss. And Mommy knows how hard it is to do" the right thing" sometimes. You are all in our thoughts and Prayers

    Pixel and Samba

  55. I'm so sorry to hear the lose of Lilly. Its so hard to let go..God Bless you and your family....


  56. We are always sad to hear of a loved one who goes to the Bridge. Our hearts are breaking for you. I know how this feels, time and time again, and I'm praying for Lilly and all of you.

  57. I am so very, very sad to have lost such a wonderful friend. Laila and Laila's mom, I just want you to know that me and my mommy are both here for you. We are very leaky-eyed about Lilly. Even though it was for the best, and she won't be suffering any more, those that she has left behind will miss her so very much.

    You were both very brave to let her go and help her cross the bridge.

    I am purring very hard for both of you.

  58. I bet this is a verry speshul day for Lilly. No more sickniss and all that wide open fun at Rainbow Bridge. We're sorry for Lilly's mom cuz she's hurtin, but she did rite by her furry girl.

    Echo and Tenny

  59. Bye Bye Lilly... Goz play wif Bonnie Underfoot now...

    Purrs to Laila and Mawmee.

    Mawmee wantz ta tellz you dat God lets hur see da Rainbow brij onse. Dis a tru storee - Whn hur beloved Jason gotted run ovfur. Jason waz a house panfur who loved his gurl, a white cat name Aone (Ah-Wun).

    Now Aone had gone ovfur da brij frum Kidney failure many years afore dis accident (probably due to sumpin in da foodiez - backs in 1980 sumpin).

    And Jason waz furry old by den and couldn't seez much. He also hadz arthritis and dehr waznt sumpin on da markets den furry Katz.

    Any wayz, he gotted outz, lookin fur a plase 2 go ta sleepy and go over da brij on hiz own. But he couldn't see. He walked cross a busy street and gotted runs over on da wayz back (whnz Mawmee and hur Mawmee waz callin him.)

    Mawmee felt devastated and wents a laid downs on hur bed to purray and cry. Din da oddest ting happened. She hurds a bootiful voice say, "I see Aone!" and den she watched hur gentle house panfur (who taught Aone how ta use da littur box vs da baftub) jump thru a diamond shaped window of light!

    So dis here RainBow Bridge to God's Lovin plase is real and Kittees and uther love babeez gets ta go dehr!!

    Purrs and Huggiez...
    Katie Too And Mawmeez Katz Gang.

  60. So sorry to hear of your loss of Lilly.

    Our purrs and hugs to you,

    Mindy & Moe

  61. Our purrs & purrayers are coming your way.

    Luf, Us

  62. I am so sad to hear about your Lilly, but my Feak will meet her at the Bridge. And Pooch will have a bite of that McFlurry.... ;)

  63. My condolences to your family on Lilly's passing.

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  65. Purrrrs to da fambly. Celebrating' at McD's is a nice way to remember yer sweet Lilly.

  66. We were sorry to hear that Lilly had gone to the Bridge and would like to send you our sympathies. Maybe she is playing with my sister Hattie.

    Many purrs for Laila.

    Fat Eric and his mum

  67. We just heard the very sad news and wanted to extend our deepest sympathies...if you need anyone to talk to, or just a shoulder to lean on we'll be here!

    Purrs and Headbutts,

    Moki and the Gang

  68. We are so sorry to hear about Lilly going to the Bridge, but we will tell our brother Max who is there to look her up and be her furriend. Laila, we hope you and your Mom can make it through this difficult time ...
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan

  69. It's always hard to help a beloved kitty cross over but it is for the best. Our purrayers are with you. {{{{hugs}}}}

    Mog, Meowza, Keefe, Klarissa, Bazel and Cece

  70. My heartfelt sympathies for you. What a beauty Lilly was. You gave her a good life.

    Pumpkin and Laura

  71. I am so sorry that you lost your lovely Lilly. What a heartbreaking event! Many purrs and hugs to you.


  72. We're so sorry for your loss ... Please accept our deepest sympathies.

  73. That picture really made mom cry. Lots of love and purrs to you.

    Tara and Kavan

  74. So sad. Lilly was such a cutie...

    In thoughts with you,



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