Thursday, June 5, 2008

Delivery for Lilly

This beautiful plant for Lilly couldn't have come at a better time! Mom was reading an email from a friend about Lilly and was crying when it was delivered. Talk about purrfect timing! Thank you CoolCyberCats !!! Lilly loves it. Mom was hoping she'd start nibbling on it, but not even fresh plants and flowers can entice her.


  1. We have been through all of this with our beloved Brendan. Purrs from us. Ramona was married to Brendan (it was a December May romance) and Harper is her brother.
    Harper and Ramona

  2. Lots of luf from all of us.

    Luf, Forty Paws

  3. Oh my, I'm sorry about Lilly. I'm just catching up and read the sad news. We've all been down this road before with aging animals who are in ill health. It's awful & a painful decision, but you have to do what's right for Lilly. She must not be allowed to suffer just to keep her with you.

    Give Laila extra attention since she'll mourn the loss, too.

    Crew's Mom

  4. Oh dear God.
    This has me in tears.
    I will be thinking of you all today.
    I will have to catch up on sweet Lilly's story when I'm not so teary.
    You tell Miss Lilly to look for my Little Girl and Smooshy at the bridge. They are still kind of new there and I'm sure would love a new friend.

    Big purrs to you and yours.

  5. We are all teary-eyed over here. We are continuing to purr and pray for Miss Lilly. When she takes her walk over the bridge she will be greeted with open paws.

    Headbutts and purrs...
    -The McKitten-Cats

  6. Lovely gift and I think Lilly is admiring it with great gusto.

    Purrs and Hugs

  7. Lilly looks beautiful admiring her gift - it will be a wonderful memory later.

  8. That's a very sweet gift! We're so, so sorry! Lilly knows how much you've loved her and that's what you'll always have.
    It's 2 weeks today since we lost Bonnie, and I see you're nearing the anniversary of loosing a kitty last year. ::sigh:: It doesn't get easier.
    Hugs and purrs!

  9. What a beautiful and thoughtful gesture.

  10. We are so sad to hear that Lilly will be leaving soon. Purrs and prayers from Gandalf, Grayson and Mom Barb

  11. What a lovely gift from thoughtful friends. Our thoughts are with you.

    Purrs and tail wags.

  12. Oh we are so sorry to learn about Lilly. Mom's eyes are leaking for you. We are so glad that Lilly had such a loving forever home and that you love her enough to help her even when it hurts you.

    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and very gentle tail wags,
    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  13. oh Lilly, I'm so glad your flowers came so you could enjoy them. Our hearts are with you all.

  14. Big hugs,purrs and headbutts.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia, Tillie & the Mom

  15. Sending mournfull purrrrssss and gentle headbutts to all.


  16. We are furry, furry sorry Lilly has to go over the Rainbow Bridge soon. We know she's been so loved.

  17. What beautiful flowers for Lilly! We are purrring and purraying for you all!! ((((((((((hugs))))))))))))),
    Your FL furiends,

  18. That is a beautiful thoughtful gift and you can tell Lilly took notice of it. Wonderful photos and memories for later.
    And you did what was right for her. She knew it was her time and you didn't allow her to suffer, but chose to suffer yourself.

  19. What beautiful flowers for Lilly! My Sashi & tori crossed over the bridge almost 10 years now and as much as I miss them, I'm comforted knowing that they aren't in pain any more. I'll tell them to keep an out for your Lilly.

  20. we just stopped by to give you {{{{HUGS}}}}

  21. That is a lovely gift for Lilly. We just caught up on your posts and we are so sorry that Lilly will soon have to go to the Bridge. She will have many friends waiting there for her.


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