Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tiger Lilly Tuesday

Here's a picture of Lilly in better days. She probably weighed close to 16 pounds here. Now she's down to 8. Mom has been reading up on CRF and vomiting and loss of appetite. These are classic symptoms of end stage renal disease. She has most of the other symptoms they mention. But cats have been known to bounce back from crashing and we are purraying Lilly will too. The main thing is the eating. Mom will know when it's time to help Lilly to the Bridge. She just doesn't want her to suffer and have no quality of life.

Oh, and thank you Mr. President for our economic stimulus check which arrived in the mail yesterday. Mom will be handing it over to Golf Rose Animal Hospital. Can you please send us more? I'm worried we are going to have to give them all our green papers before they'll let Lilly come home and there won't be any left for my food, treats and toys. Truth be known, I would give it all up if it makes Lilly feel better and come home to me.


  1. Dear Lilly and Mom,
    We are praying that Lilly will bounce back.
    We are so sorry and know that this has to be awful!

  2. Poor Lilly :( I will purr very hard so she can bounce back and go home to her loving family :)
    Purrs Mickey

  3. We are still purring and purring for sweet Lilly. We want her to start eating already!

  4. So sad to read all this about Lilly.

    But cats are strong animals and hopefully she will feel better soon. There have also been times Chica didn't eat for 3 days and after she came back slowly.

    Purrs and lots of hugs!

  5. Oh, get better soon Lilly! I am purring sooooo hard for you!

  6. All our hearts are with you sweet Lilly......Auntie Peggy, pweeze give Lilly a kiss from us....Huggs=^Y^=Ty & Mommy


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