Friday, June 20, 2008

Sniffin, open house and a meme

To Mom's surprise, one day she found me behind the couch where my sister, Lilly, use to hang a lot. I thought if I closed my eyes and sniffed all over real hard she would come back to me. So far she's still MIA.

Mom is going to the open house today of the brand new shelter The Buddy Foundation finally got built. That is where she adopted me from. She says eventually my new brother/sister will come from there. She's going to scout out who is there now see if our brick has been laid that we bought.

My sister Pumuckl has tagged me for a Meme!

Rules: honest
2.tag other people
3. have fun!

What is your name? Laila Ali, Laila for short. I was named after Laila Ali from when she was on "Dancing With the Stars". She was mom's favorite and is so beautiful.

If you could change your name what would it be? I luvs my name! I wouldn't change it.

What is your pet's name? Mommie

If you could change your pet's name what would it be? I wouldn't

What is your brother or sister's name? It was Lilly. My sister left me for the Bridge on June 5th. I miss her very much and am so lonely. Mom has promised me she will find me another sister or brother soon.

If you could change their name what would it be? I wouldn't. Lilly and Laila sounded so cool. We use to laugh at Mom because she would get "tongue tied" and call us by our wrong name some times. teeheehee!

We aren't going to tag anyone for this meme so if anyone wants to do it, please feel free! It as a fun meme!


  1. Hope your mom can find you a sister real soon.

  2. A new brother or sister would be perfect for you I guess.

    *giggling* about your pet called Mommie! :-)

  3. Tanks fur da Meme... I likes ur names too.

    Mawmees are good at findin sisturs... dey makes gud pets, too!


  4. I bet that you will have a sibling soon. Shelters always have the bestest kitties!

  5. Did we all change your Mommies mind...tee hee this is gettin' exciting! Our Mommy is holdin' out for a blue eyed brother which will definately be the last!(mommy keeps sayin' that!)=^Y^=Ty

  6. Laila, do not worry, Lilly will always be inside your heart!

  7. I think you will like having a new brother or sister!

  8. Oy Laila, we miss our sis too! Today is a stinking hot day here in San Jose. Kali and Lilly must be up there at the Bridge enjoying the perfect temperature maybe playing with each other outside.

    I don't want you to be lonely. Your mom is going to pick the most perfect sister or brother for you! I can't wait to meet her or him.


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