Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pretty in pink

Here is one of the thousands of Marie stuffed animals from Momma's bedroom. She finally had to stop buying them cause she ran out of room. I wish they were alive so I'd have them all to play with.

Hey, cats of the corn, when Momma was in Iowa she was thinking a lot of you and Matt and Sue wondering how close she was to you. You have a very nice state. It does look a lot like Illinois with all the corn fields. Oh, yeah, do you know what happened to Sparkey's website? It's missing! We noticed the other day on his cam that his food bowls were gone. Boohoohoo! We hope he is okay.


  1. That is a pretty stuffed doll. I wish they could come alive too, because they would be fun to play with.

  2. I was thinking of Daisy when you had that Doll. I bet she has a dress that would match.

  3. You probably know already, but Sparkey is staying with his 'grandparents', because Alex is taking a brake :)


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