Sunday, October 28, 2007

Airing out my private parts

It is a might chilly thats air hitting my shaved belly. Momma says I have a small incision held together with a few stitches. I'm just dying to see them and get them out of my belly but Momma is being mean and making me wear this silly bonnet to keep me from doing just that. How well she knows me! But I'm trying my darndest to get the blasted thing off my head!


  1. I did some time in the Kitty Cone and it is time well spent. Patience, little Laila.

  2. OH Laila, my little sis is getting her garden taking out this Tuesday. My mother is as worried as your mother was. She doesn't like the idea of leaving her for the day. Sophie is only staying for one full day. If you remember, will you please think of Sophie on Tuesday morning and send her good thoughts. We hope you heal extra-super fast Laila so that you may take of your collar. We also hope that you will be free of all pain as soon as possible.

  3. We're glad you're doing well after your surgery. We're geezer kitties so it has been a very long time since our operations.

    Our mom thanks you for your kind words of comfort last week.



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