Monday, October 22, 2007

Our Chirstmas shopping is done!

On the way to Momma's friend's house in Iowa, they stopped at the largest truck stop in the world.

In the store there she saw this jacket that she just had to have and told us that's what we were getting her for Christmas. We really think this is her way of rationalizing she should buy it. Even strangers came up to her and said how good it looked on her with her hair. Little did they know that it was "so" her!

And we are sooooo happy to have her back with us! We missed her sooooo much! And we know she missed us too because she kept picking us up and giving us lots of kisses and hugs. She even stopped by work to feed Roomba who was very happy to see her too! She had to keep the car lights on to get to the food bowls. As soon as she pulled up he came running and crying for her.

Life is good once again!


  1. I am so glad your human is back. That is a very cool jacket.

  2. Mom really likes your mom's cool new jacket.

    We are glad that she is back home with you.

  3. That jacket is so great! I am glad your mom is back. And how nice of her to stop by to feed little Roomba, too.

  4. Wow!! Our shopping would be done, too!!

    Your Momma is furry pretty. Know you love having her back home!!

    ~ Napoleon

  5. We know that truck stop very well, Peggy!
    You look nice in your Iowa jacket.

  6. COOL jacket! Great shopping girls!!!I am sure you are very happy to see your mommy again and I bet she was really missing you as I missed my boys when I went to NYC.Huggs, Aunt Holly

  7. Hmm, now I am wondering what My Lady is gonna get me for Christmas.


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