Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mom to the rescue!!!

Milking this for all it's worth! hehehe!


This morning I was resting on my cat tree when all of a sudden the bottom of my bonnet was stuck in my mouth! Mom jumped up and ran to me when she saw me flailing and trying to get it off, nearly falling off the tree. She grabbed me, took stock of the situation then proceeded to try to figure out how to get this darned contraption off me. First she had to untie it then figure out how the flaps unassemble. She was just about ready to run for the scissors when it miraculously went back into place around my neck. Now Mom is paranoid about leaving me alone with it on. I'm sure it was just a fluke as I was resting my head on the side of the bed part of the cat tree and somehow it loosened everything up. That was very scary!


  1. Oh that would have been very scary I think. I am glad that your Mom was there to rescue you!

  2. Oh, that does sound scairty! Good thing your mom was there to rescue you from the evil bonnet.

  3. Yeah, I know that was scary! Scully did that when I attempted to put a collar on all the cats. Freaked me out and I never tried the collars again. How much longer have you got in that contraption?

  4. Oh Laila, you are such a pretty darling. Thank you for your sweet words on my brother's blog. Right now I'm at the vet's recovering from my surgery. All went very well. Everything you said, is exactly what's been happening. I'm going to have a soft e-collar. Whatever that is. I think it's just like yours but it's floppy. I won't be able to reach my stiches yet I'll be able to rest, that's what the dr. told my mom today.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I feel better knowing what to expect.

    I'm sorry that you got caught on your cat tree. It sounds so frightening. I'm glad that your mother came to save you. My mom's going to have to work, so I wonder if I'll be okay home without her.

    She can't take off Halloween because her first grade students would be very disappointed. Maybe she'll stay with me on Thursday. Okay then, thanks again.

  5. GOOD GRIEF! Geeze that must of scared the livin' daylight out of you, Laila. Poor girl, sending you a bunch of huggs, Auntie Holly


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