Thursday, October 11, 2007

Meet Samantha, Roomba's girlfriend

Roomba sharing his food bowl.

Roomba looking in at me not quite sure what to make of this girlfriend business.

Samantha loves Roomba. Seriously, we think she's in heat and Roomba may be a daddy soon. If so, I'll be on kitten watch and will try to trap them.

It was very cold here in Chicago yesterday. Here Samantha and Roomba help each other keep warm. It would be nice if she stuck around this winter to help him stay warm.


  1. That is so sweet. I hope they don't have kits though--that's hard for a Momma cat to raise kits in those sorts of conditions.

  2. I am glad Roomba has somekitty to love him.

  3. AW, they want "in" poor babies, winter is coming! Picked up Tyco and gave him a BIG hug, he could have been a stray if not rescued!

  4. I think Roomba is just on watch LOL. The other night he was sitting in the grass watching the geese cross the road!


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