Saturday, October 27, 2007

Home sweet home!

Here I am in this stupid annoying hat they put on me! But it doesn't stop me from eating my Temptations! hehehe!

Mom says I look adorable. Hrumpf! What we don't go through to humor our humans!

This dang collar is driving me absolutely crazy! Momma helps me by scratching all the itches away. She's terrified to take if off cause she knows she'd never get it back on and knowing me, I'd be at those stitches again in no time. How well she knows me! I now have full roam of the house again. I'm on some meds for the pain which helps me keep my sanity too. So, thank you to everybody who thought of me during this trying time in my little short life. You are all the bestest!

And today I am 6 months old. Thank you to The Buddy Foundation for recuing me that day in June or I would never be here to have this wonderful home they found for me. Like my cousin Gizmo we were sure to have become Coyote food!


  1. Welcome home, little buddy!
    We think that you have a very stylish new outfit and have made quite a "fashion statement."

  2. I am so glad you are home. Do not worry, the little hat is very cute. And as long as it does not interfere with your Temptations-eating, all is good. Take it easy for a few days, Laila!

  3. Hey Laila, we totally missed it about you going for the 'procedure' (we weren't here for two days as our mom wasn't on the computer). But we're so glad you're safely home again. And you look very good in your new collar !!! ;) Snuitje had to wear one too a few years ago. At first she only walked backwards.

  4. Yeah, you are home! That headgear looks so uncomfortable sweety, but it's over now and that thing will be off soon. My boys never had to wear one. As a matter of fact, the 2 girls I had in the past did not get them after their operations. Luke our spoo, came out from his lump removal with one on but we took it off right away and when we got him home he had to wear large boxers and it worked! He looked very stylish I might add. Huggs baby, Aunt Holly


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