Saturday, August 11, 2007

Oh, yeah, remember Lilly?

Lilly was out and about this morning while I was playing with the cat dancer with Laila. At 16 she either is having trouble seeing it or just isn't interested in it. Back in her younger days, it was her favorite toy and was a "world champion" cat dancer player.
I guess it's just easier to play with it laying down. She's been such a good girl putting up with this wild little sister of hers.


  1. Guess what? The Cat Dancer is one of my very most favoritest toys. And I play with it laying down sometimes, too. But I am only three.

  2. Oh Lilly we would love to play! Your Floofy Tummy should be a Tummy Tuesday Shot! So beautiful.

    That looks like a fun toy. We would lie down too, for four paw action! hehe

    Purrs and Belly Scritches!

    Miss Peggy, you are soooooo lucky. A wet cat, or should we say most cats and water are an accident that will certainly happen. I am healing some now. :)

    Laila... HUGS and Scritches!


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