Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One of Laila's favorite toys

She just loves her big, bright crinkle ball. For a time it was almost as big as her! Lilly has taken a noticable turn towards her new little bratty sister. I rarely hear growls, hisses and spits spewing from her anymore. Either Laila is starting to grow up a bit or Lilly has finally had the last word on the subject! Before you know it they will be sleeping together and bathing each other...I hope!


  1. Hi Peggy, sorry I've been gone a while. I missed so much! I figured it would take Laila and Lilly a while to establish their relationship. I imagine it will just get closer and closer. I know about furkids climbing on skin. My friends wonder why I always dress like it's winter. John

  2. She's growing so fast !

  3. What a great toy! Lilly will get used to her soon and they will be great friend! the no more growls and hisses are a good sign. She is growing a lot!


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