Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our first Tummy Tuesday

This is our friend, Angel, who you all met the other day. He has such a cute, soft and big tummy, we thought he would be our first submission. You can see other Tummy Tuesday entries over at lisaviolet


  1. Angel has a nice tummy! He should enter the Full Monty competition.

    I am very glad you joined the Pink Ladies!

  2. What a purrfect tummy!
    I agree with Daisy..Join the Full Monty competition :)

    ~ Napoleon

  3. Oh my, what an angelic tummy. Heh. Sorry, couldn't help myself. But he certainly looks like he's anticipating a nice tummy skritch, doesn't he?

  4. Welcome to Tummy Tuesday!
    What a great tummy!


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