Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aren't I getting more beautiful by the day?

I'm surprised I haven't gone blind yet with all the flashes going off from that thing momma calls a camera. She caught a good video of me this morning chasing my tail in the bathroom sink, but it's too dark to post. She keeps talking about getting a new digital, but I have yet to see it!


  1. Indeed Laila, you are getting more beautiful by the day. I have quite a time with my digital camera taking pictures without enough light. It's an ancient digital camera. Steam driven I think. John

  2. Laila you are so gorgeous and growing too! I don't blame your mommy for taking so many pictures of you. Your coat and colors are astounding.

    I am just catching up after a wierd few weeks and I am sorry I have not been to see everyone but I am sending all our loves and purrs!

    HUGS and LOVE

    Megan and the brat kitty cats!


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