Tuesday, August 28, 2007

4 months old already

Mom, why don't I get to drink the good stuff?
I'm sitting here watching Laila play with the turbo scratcher and just marvel at how smart this wee one is who I am always accusing of not having all her brain cells developed yet. What was really amazing was Saturday night I'd ordered a pizza and was waiting for delivery. I face the front of my 102 unit condo building on the second floor close to the front door and cars pull up all the time. Well, when the pizza lady pulled up Laila stopped what she was doing, ran to the slider, stopped, listened, ran to the foyer, stopped, listened then ran to the bedroom. Within minutes the pizza was at my front door. My company was just as shocked as I was that she somehow knew someone would be at our door!


  1. Laila, I could tell by looking at you that you are one smart cookie! I hope you got a little taste of pizza, too.

  2. Cats have superb hearing and it's a well known fact that animals can sense things humans can't.


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