Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Here I am checking out my first cutip.

It looks like I'm smoking a cigarette.

Mom is very thankful that I really didn't show any interest in the cutip.


  1. That looks more like a cotton bud... or is it???

  2. We've never been interested in those things either. Mom is grateful that we don't care about strings, or electical cords or things that are dangerous, but this morning Ping did find a roller and Mom can't figure out where it came from...


  3. Oh I like q-tips when they have earwax on them--but only then.

  4. If I had access to that . . . it would rival my passion for straws. Mommy keeps those in the bathroom, which is the room where I Am Not Allowed.

    That would be Whapping Heaven!

    Especially if it smelled like mommy.

  5. You did not like the Q-Tip?!? Those are some of my favorite toys. And if you play with them a lot, the cotton part gets all stretched out and stringy. It's great!

  6. I think interest in those things is a personal matter. Some cats like them and some don't. I prefer to fish mine out of the bathroom wastebasket, but somehow this upsets Mom.

    Your friend

  7. I know what you mean about those things. Other cats like Daisy go nuts playing with them, but I'm like you. They're no big deal.

  8. Q-tips are only good if dey is "found" as in pulling a used one out of da garbage. We'z stopped doing it a while back cuz mom and dad bury dem and it's to much work to get dem out now.


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